Stapler Collection

Stapler Collection... Arrow, Swingline, Bostitch, Acco, Ofrex, Apsco, and others...

SWINGLINE 747 stapler, USA
I started to gather these at one point.... cheap and fun to collect but also very usefull! I use them all the time... Most are thrift store salvaged except my red 747 Swingline! I find the paint finish a bit under par, it is easily scratched.

All-chrome ARROW stapler - One of my favourites for looks and practicality

Unidentified stapling object

ACCO 20 stapler - A really aggressive front loader...
The loading rail pops out when released by the knob on the back.
You can knock your coffee over if you're not careful!

BLISTO stapler in orange plastic

Unknown... mass-produced plastic



SWINGLINE 747 ( in red, an homage to the movie Office Space)

APSCO 72 - It has a little "window" on the side to check the staple reserve, a nice little feature!

ARROW S25 stapler - USA

OFREX 805 stapler - England

ORIGINAL ELIT stapler - Sweden
This stapler is the smoothest! It has an interesting release mechanism for fronloading,
a lever seen on the front side ..

SWINGLINE 545stapler USA, lightweight modern plastic


  1. Thanks for this info. Nice collection! I've recently picked up an Ofrex 805 stapler, and cannot for the life of me unlock it to load staples. Pressing the tab at the back does nothing. I don't want to damage it by prying on anything until I understand how it is supposed to open. Can you enlighten me?

  2. Thanks, when I have some time I will add more "new" acquisitions. About the OFREX 805, I have an Ofrex 80 the principle is probably similar even though the 80 is more recent - there is a button or latch at the back, it says "press" - Press it and the loading tray or magazine will slide out from the FRONT... You can then just slide it out. The 805 is a nice staple so is the 80, among my of my favorites.

  3. Yes - Found my OFREX 805 - I can confirm it uses the same principle as the 80 press the tab at the back down towards the body, the loading tray should slide out of the front of the stapler. Use WD-40 if it is stuck, it may help, make sure to clean it well afterwards though.

    1. Many thanks! Some previous owner had managed to damage the "Press" button, so it wouldn't release the curled spring lock. Possibly subsequent owners had tried to open the magazine by prying on the magazine from the bottom. Anyway, given your instructions, I was able to open the magazine, and then carefully repair the button so it works now.

      Like you, I pick up cool old staplers (and lots of other neat stuff!) from thrift stores. I can't resist well-made examples of older technology. I previously found a Rexel stapler. You can see it at the blog a friend and I publish:

    2. You're very welcome... Great that you made it work again... I enjoyed reading the history of Rexel/Ofrex on your blog! Nearly picked up a Swingline 27 yesterday... Hum... Should of...

    3. I'm familiar with that feeling. Better to buy it than to regret not buying it. BTW, I've added photos of my 805 to my Rexel post, along with a link to your blog. Thanks again for your help.

  4. I am about to toss my trusty little stapler that I can't remember where or when I acquired it. I am thinking it's from my parents' things. For interest's sake, I Googled the digits on it and behold, your blog seems to have the only image identical to mine. When was the Apsco 72 from? Thank you :)


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